You can find a painting service just about anywhere, but do you really know what you’re getting? Quality painting requires experts in the field, and at Reyes Carpentry and Painting, we are dedicated to high quality painting for Connecticut homes. Our team of specialists can handle any job, no matter how big or small. Whether it is interior or exterior, spraying, brushing, or rolling, we do it all. Our experts have also used every type of paint and every type of equipment on the market — you can be confident that our expert painters at Reyes Carpentry and Painting will not only meet you expectations, but exceed them.

Could your kitchen use a touch up? Maybe your bathroom needs a new color to liven things up. From the simple to the complex, our experts are up to the task. As the premier painting service in Fairfield Country and throughout Connecticut, Reyes Carpentry and Painting has an exemplary reputation and your satisfaction is our number one priority.

Lead Abatement:

We also specialize in other types of projects as well, from staining decks to putting a protective coat on the exterior of your home. Reyes also specializes in lead abatement, which is especially important to protect the ones you love. The removal of lead-based paint is no small task, but here at Reyes Carpentry and Painting we will take care of it for you. Harmful fumes can be released when lead based paint is removed, but our team of specialist knows how to get the job done while keeping those harmful chemicals in check.

Pressure Washing:

Let’s face it — there is no easy way to clean the exterior of you Connecticut home. That is why we have mastered pressure washing, so that when you are ready to show off your home, it shines like new. Get rid of imbedded dirt, chipped paint, and harmful bacteria that can actually speed deterioration. Pressure washing is a recommendation before any paint job, but it can be just as useful in preparing your home for a get-together or open-house. Give us a call and let our experts guide you in caring for your home.